Rollerball or Hunger Games?

Which is closer to this?

Known as the "Wildest Show in the South", inmates compete for cash during "Convict Poker" in the Angola Prison Rodeo in Angola, La., Sunday, April 24, 2022. The last inmate seated wins cash. This is the first rodeo at Angola since the COVID shutdown two years ago. (AP Photo/Ted Jackson)

I have so many questions about this.

  • Why are none of the contestants white?
    • oh... Louisiana. never mind.
  • Why do they have helmets?
    • Seriously, would racists not be even more entertained at the sight of the convicts' brains being splattered on the ground?
    • oh... they want this to be a family show. ok, helmets for the "players" and there better not be an uncovered nipple of any female.
  • How will we know when this country has no remaining shred of its alleged founding principles intact?
    • It never had.