BSides Rochester is doing a new event this year called "Résumélee".   It gives people a chance to invert the usual buzzword-scraper-friendly formats in which employers tend to ask for résumés.  Résumélee is a competition for who can submit the most creatively formatted or composed version of their résumé.  Prizes for the best entry from that point of view, and all the entries will be passed to sponsors for hiring consideration.

Who among us has not gritted their teeth at hearing that a résumé must be in Word format?  You know what that means: your doc will be fed into the maw of a buzzword-scraping HR bot.  If it doesn't pass muster against whatever bucket of "trends" they've scooped out of this month's airline magazines, you will never see another sign of life from that outfit.  Plus, as a bonus, it will be handled by someone without enough technical acuity to convince said HR bot to ingest a PDF... or even a text file.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F