Respect Bigots!

“I don’t appreciate it when you call people ‘bigoted’ or ‘prejudiced.’ I expect more respectful language from you.”

— From “Upset” via “Ask Amy,” 24 June 2017

I get that a lot.  And I also read a few advice columns; now you know.

One of my favorites is The Bad Advisor,  who takes already-published-and-answered questions and answers them again.  But this time, with a bit less of a filter than the original columnists applied.  Do you kinda know where this is going?  Their response to the broflake above is now one of my all-time favorites:

It is the height of disrespect to use words to describe things, and no apology can adequately repair the damage these terms cause to the delicate and important feelings of people who believe others are subhuman piles of garbage bones who should be oppressed and abused on both an interpersonal and systemic level because they failed to have the good sense to be born white, heterosexual, cisgender, English-speaking, able-bodied, male, and American, like all the strong and great members of a master race whose very existence is threatened by the use of adjectives.

Now then.  To every Trump voter, religious bigot, racist, homophobe, transphobe and sexist out there: since no apology can adequately repair the damage caused by the nouns and adjectives I have used in the past and will continue to use...

... I offer none.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F