George Takei!  He's come a long way from playing Sulu on Star Trek (the original series).  Since coming out in 2005, he's been a wonderful advocate for LGBTQ rights.  Which are just human rights, anyway.

George has also starred in a Broadway show about the internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry during WW2.  This reflected, in part, his own experience.  In 1942, at five years old, Takei was confined to one of these camps with his family, and they were held there for the duration of the war.  Who knows how relevant that will be to our current situation, and how soon?

Now that we're faced with an incoming US government of the type we fought against in that war.  And George is here, keeping his eyes on the light and not the dark.  In this essay, Welcome to the Resistance, he sets out a determination on behalf of the LGBTQ community to continue to fight for human rights.  But what also comes through is an optimism that can otherwise be hard to find.  Hard - until you think of what he's already been through and how beautifully he's come through it.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F