Real Security is Boring

Anyone who thinks that they want to go into Information Security for the excitement has been watching way too many of those dramatic TV shows where they throw around the prefix "cyber-" too much.  Then the slick-dressed hero, the pudgy bearded guy and the gothy teen prodigy huddle around a laptop while the giant red LED Countdown Clock of Doom makes its way toward this week's digital Armageddon, brought to you by Travelocity.

This is how I look at work.    Exactly... never.

What a big ol' bucket of Nope!  I could never take the stress.  Real security work looks boring.  Tracking threats, applying mitigation, then watching with satisfaction as... nothing happens.

If I have trained my user community right, every backup is running.  Nobody is clicking on dodgy email links or attachments.  Every password is unique and strong.  It's stored in a password manager, and fortified by two-factor authentication.

It only looks boring, and it's much easier on my blood pressure.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F