Phone Number Search

On a lark I did a quick search today on my own phone number.

You have seen these sites when you get a spam call you try to poke at a little. You google the number and you get dozens of sites offering to tell you everything and anything about the holder of that number.

Well, I tried it against my own number and my wife's number and the results were hilarious. Unless my name is not David? Think something more like... Milhouse. And my wife's Jill's name begins with an R?

I need to spend some more time exploring this fairyland. In the name of science! I will be doing more searches like this and report the ridiculously inaccurate results in this space.

But even my really cursory dip into this water today leads me to give the following advice: don't trust these sites, not one bit. Don't give them any money and don't trust the results for any decision more important than a game of Charades.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F