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Godfather Waltz

So many iconic scenes in this movie, so many iconic lines.

It’s as if we enjoy it constantly, in microscopic shards.

But when is the last time you sat down and watched it? Straight through, beginning to end? It’s just a great, great movie.

Triage Time

It’s time for hospitals to stop admitting people who really don’t want to benefit from medical science.

And yes, Sparky. The #noparody trend in our world is strengthening.

Earworm Alert

Yes, this ridiculous ditty has been living rent-free in my head since Friday.

It’s not fair, is it? How the tenacity of an earworm has so little correlation to its quality?

Determinedly Stupid

How determined are about 40% of the people of this country to stupid themselves to death?

And take the rest of us with them?

Twos Day

Two day is Twos Day, and you get two really random topics.

One because I was supposed to post on Sunday and I missed it. And Sunday was gonna be Late #Caturday. So, here’s Gert being snuggly.

Right on the couch, nestled between my butt and my foot.

The other topic was planned for two day (twoday?) because we harvested our first tomato! It’s a beaut:

So there you go: a two-fer.

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