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Post 2000

On Feb 3, 2015, I posted “Hello, World“. Coincidentally, someone just recently posted to Hacker News an bit about why that phrase is the canonical beginning of learning any new programming language. For me, Hello World is a germ of consciousness inside that computer, liberated by a coder to poke its head up and greet the rest of the world.

So 1,999* times since then, I have poked my head up with something to say. Sometimes a little, sometimes more. Sometimes just to quote a pithy cartoon that wishes it were parody, but is #NoParody.

Also: Happy Flag Day!

. . . we now return you to our regularly scheduled snark 

* – In 2016 I moved the blog from Google to WordPress. I think a posting or two got lost in the migration. But the WordPress stats say this is post #2,000, and so it is.


“Acceptable loss”

Today the Senate passed some tinsel and spray-on snow to pretend it’s Christmas for people who are rational about guns. They need to make believe they are not going to continue sucking the NRA’s d*ck as long as they can, to continue taking home the cash, for the fifteen minutes that it matters while we’re paying attention.

More background checks. Mental health funding. CERTAINLY not the teeniest tiniest restriction on the actual bloodletting devices.

It’s the Guns

click thru for the detailed story

In 1996 Australia had a mass shooting in Port Arthur. They enacted gun control and did a buyback.

They Haven’t Had a Mass Shooting Since.

They have the same movies we do. The same video games. The same mental health issues. The same the same the same… except the guns.

It’s The Guns.

Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

They Always Need an “Other”

Click Thru for the whole pre-lubricated slope

In 1933, they had Jews. Among others.

Now they have LGBTQ+. Among others.

The press is chasing nothing but ad dollars. MyPillow must still have a blazing ad budget. Disgusting.

It might be time to go.

Guess What… They Don’t Care

History is what they
plan to rewrite

Not to mention, their plans will have worked best if in the 23rd century there are no such thing as “historians”.

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