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Good Points

He made some good points!

Oh yeah, there’s more. Click!

Police Training

The 60 rounds shot into Jayland Walker, we are told, were what one would expect based on the police training.

This is unsurprising to me, but not for the reasons that apologists would expect.

Here we go again

Yet Another mass shooting, as a 4th of July parade is shot up by a Trumpanzee.

There he is, in all his Aryan Youth glory. Guess what? He was somehow arrested without incident or injury, despite being heavily armed. And he’s just fine. He is now free to go get congratulated by some judge like this POS and he could well be back on the streets in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile in Akron

The local schutzstaffel – sorry – ACAB fraternity – sorry – constabulary popped threescore caps into Yet Another unarmed man, Jayland Walker, to make sure he was really really most sincerely dead for the crime of DWB. He is now free to go get buried.


The Guardian is one of my most reliable news sources. And I never thought of it having “funnies.” But recently, either they started or I just noticed First Dog on the Moon. Here’s today’s sample:

I subscribe to The Guardian for an ad-free experience but you can read it either way. Highly recommended.

Caturday Party Day

We had friends over today. Another couple and their kid — for introverts like us, that’s a party.

Alice actually came out and socialized a bit!

Gertrude, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found all day. Our cats have typically avoided strangers 100%. What was unusual today was Alice coming out at all, while people were here, people who were not Jill and me.

Do your cats greet company? Or hide?

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