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Eleven senators in the pocket of Exxon, whose corporate mission is now pretty much congruent with the end of human life on earth. But hey, in the meantime, they will produce several quarters of…

great shareholder value!

Late Early

Blog post day was to have been Friday. It’s Saturday here, but it’s still Friday somewhere. I guess. Shout out to Hawaii!

Anyway, here’s a late Friday / early #Caturday pic for you


This song is an old standard. You’ve heard it in movies, and on easy-listening radio. It has been around longer than you probably think. Because if you’re thinking of the Nat King Cole recording

or maybe Dinah Shore, it was already over half a century old when they were made. And here, just because I liked it, is a violin solo of the same tune.

And where would we be without an Allan Sherman parody?

Sounds like the same anxiety we have right now, about “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


Did you see the Ocean City, MD fireworks show?

What’s that you say? Why yes they ARE supposed to wait until about 10PM.

When the fireworks all go off in the space of about a minute in early afternoon… that’s an oopsie.

Caturday Long Weekend

Lucky enough to have Monday and Tuesday off this coming week. So Caturday lasts a long time, too.

Alice Contemplates the Long Weekend
Gert calculates, Hmmm three and a half days to enact my plans. Well, at least I have the all-important Cardboard Box!

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