One Thousand

Inglis, Florida wins the distinction of being the site of the 1,000th mass shooting in the US.

Not in history... since Sandy Hook.

I am writing about this now, for some reason.  Even though I don't know what to say.

Death Eaters continue to stand with their feet on the necks of enough Congressmen to prevent any scintilla of action about guns.  The Usual Suspects get invited onto Faux News to cluck about "mental illness."  Note that only white shooters are mentally ill; the black and brown are clearly thugs and require more and more powers handed over to the police.

This is incoherent babbling, as blog posts go.  But it's better than the lies and inaction you'll get from news and government.  Go talk to them about it.

via The Guardian

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F