Meta-Infra Note

So. I've a new desktop machine and it's being more work than I anticipated. (I am writing this post on a laptop because the desk machine is nowhere near ready to blog.)

The new box has an #NVidia GPU and of course I plan to run #Linux on it. If you google this lovely combo you will get PAGES and PAGES of internet kvetching about the miseries people are going through. I thought I had Ubuntu 22.04 LTS settled down with the 515 version of the nvidia-driver package from the repo... then I did something seemingly unrelated and the displays went bonkers. One dark, the other locked up with the mouse cursor moving but nothing clicking. I logged in via SSH and switched out 515 for 510. That seemed to settle it for a while. Somewhat. Certain things were still hinky. And my noice 1920x1200 monitors kept flicking back to 1920x1080.

At the same time, I noticed the well-reviewed, Ubuntu-based, Pop-OS having a whole flavor dedicated to being compatible with NVidia hardware. Well! This is worth a try, I think. But it did mean I had to install it clean, Although I have the contents of my /home, I now have a lot of config to do!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F