Masks & Taxes

They don't care. There is no shame. It's impossible. They are getting what they want, and they simply don't give a f* who it hurts. If you look at their attitude about wearing masks during the pandemic, I saw a meme that sums it up:

In hindsight, it may have been a mistake to tell Americans that wearing masks was for the protection of OTHER people

And now, this.

For many reasons, not least these four posted by a friend of mine on yesterday, I sadly predict that this latest "Oh, boy, we've got him NOW!" moment will pass just like all the others did.

  • His followers would have to accept that they were conned. They won’t do it.
  • He will yell “fake news” and his followers will chant along because they’ve been well trained.
  • His followers dig his hateful policies and don’t care that he’s actually a fraud and a loser as long as he hates the same people they hate.
  • His followers think tax avoidance is what rich people do, so Trump’s tax returns are aspirational for them. (They won’t recognize the business failures part.)