Mankoff Drew That!

I watch the New Yorker Cartoon Instagram feed.  I don't follow it because I am not an Instagram member, but the way public feeds work you can just look in on them anytime you like.  So I do.

I have always liked some things about the magazine, but like many, my favorite thing has always been its cartoons.  Well, last week they staged a retirement party of sorts for this guy

It turns out, he's the genius who drew what might be my single favorite pen-and-ink panel of all time

He drew this next one in 2006, but it might be more relevant today than ever:

A trenchant commentary on our delusions:

And finally, he skewered privilege long before it was hip to be "woke." This, from 1981.

Yes, 1981.

Good going, Bob. Enjoy yourself; you deserve it.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F