Kim Davis is now in jail.  She is probably assuming this is worth it to run up what she'll be able to command in fees on the Christian Martyr speaking circuit.

I think this graphic sums her position up nicely:

image credit: Betty Bowers
image credit: Betty Bowers

A lot of attention is being paid to Liberty Counsel, who put her up to this.  Not much of it is positive, so that's a good thing.

There's no legal basis for Davis' behavior, of course.  This is superficially a quixotic attempt to establish some kind of demented theocracy that starts in Rowan County, KY and spreads.  More realistically it's the launch of a new career for Davis and a huge fundraiser for Liberty Counsel.

Interesting side note: Divorce was OK by Old Testament lights, and arguably forbidden by the New Testament.  However, one thing that was never OK was remarrying a former husband after having divorced him and married someone different in the interim.  That ruse was considered an indicator of a prostitution scheme, with a lot of one-night marriages making it "legal".

Kim Davis's second and fourth husbands are the same man.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

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