I started this post with the idea of, Kaleidoscope. I was just going to pick one of the beautiful videos that came up to that search word and let this be a mellow & meditative experience.

How'd that work out? Well, the majority of videos that I found were along a few themes: How to make kaleidoscope effects in Photoshop or other software packages like it. How to make actual kaleidoscopes. How to make "kaleidoscope" quilt blocks. The movie, Kaleidoscope, which I think I saw back when it came out and it was something of a snoozer.

So, I said to myself, let's try Kinescope. Well, that was more productive. It led to this


The quick clip at the beginning mentioned Food Fair. We had two main supermarkets in Baltimore when I was a kid: A&P, and Food Fair. A&P always felt a little more posh, and a little more than we could afford. It's where we'd go for a few specialty items. Food Fair was where we went for the bulk of things. There was also Eddie's but it was the kosher supermarket. Most of the regular food was WAY more expensive than anywhere else, even A&P. They only thing we bought there was meat & chicken. Because, where else ya gonna go?

Ah, but: Stella D'oro! The Italian-named cookies that we could all count on to be, if not that good, at least they were all kosher! And being a mainstream brand, not that badly overpriced.

If it doesn't start there, skip to 1:44

This was one of our favorite ads. "No Swiss Fudge Cookies?" Her disappointment was so over-the-top, and hilarious to us. And the "baked without butterfat" title at the end meant these treats were pareve. No dairy in them meant they could be had even after a meat meal.

Oh, I so do not miss all those rules & regulations. They really sucked! But the cookies themselves... well, I got some recently for old times' sake.

Yeah. The cookies suck, too.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F