Jay Smooth Wrecks my Old Posts

This guy has probably convinced me to do a top-bottom reset of how I handle it when someone says racist sh*.


If you look at my posts, such as Not X or Republican... Conservative... Racist they move pretty quickly from identifying racist actions to identifying racists.

Not that the people aren't racists -- quite the contrary.  But it's not very useful and it's not very effective.  Jay Smooth's strategy deflects the all-too-easy defense of racists: flat denial.

"You're a racist!" "No, I'm not!"

OK, smarty-pants, now where are you?  You cannot prove a damn thing about what the person is, and you have nullified the value of the one thing you had - the racist thing the person said or did.

Short pithy version here....


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F