It's X-O'clock Somewhere

Time zones are ridiculous.

While it's understandable that people will want to align their daily waking, activity, and sleeping with sunrise and sunset, it's a non-sequitur that the clock has to say, "6:00" when the sun is on one horizon or the other.

"What time zone are we in?" is not an inherently better question to ask than, "what time is sunrise?" Even if the answer to the latter might as well be 18:45 or 01:45 as 05:45.

And how much easier would scheduling events be? With the past year's explosion of online meetings of all sizes, from 2 to 200,000, it's just so much easier if "begins at 18:30" means the same thing everywhere in the world.

But in the system we have now, my 18:30 will mean John's 17:30 and Carol's 15:30 and possibly Lakshman's 04:15. You read that right, bro. 04:15. Lakshman is on Nepali Time.

Does this make sense? I say, it does not.

On the other hand, this post is a little late. But hey... it's Tuesday somewhere!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F