Is It Automatic?

Bob Dylan writes a song, and then everyone and their brother wants to cover it.  Automatic, right?

So for every one of these: get a lot of covers.  I mean... a lot of covers.

When I started Train Music Thursdays, I set up a spreadsheet to make the list of songs to consider, and then in the columns I put links to the versions I could find.  Well, for this little beauty, I ran out of columns.

I found this by Stephen Stills, and this by Tracy Nelson.  Bill Kirchen is a guitar virtuoso.  (Check this out.)  What can you say about Little Feat?  We lost Leon Russell last year, but Taj Mahal is still with us and...'s tiring, isn't it?  There may be a lot more covers of this song out there, but I got tired.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F