Goodbye, 2021

Last installment of the calendar year! So here's a year-end listicle as is required of all the bloggers, according to Section 8 rule 34 of the Constitution. Or maybe it's the Constellation? Idano - one of those old battleships. Anyway. Without further ado, nor any adieu:

My Top 10 posts of the year

Madam Vice President Jan. 24

DNA Testing Feb. 7

Teacher's Day - May 4 May 4

My Banks' Websites Suck May 22

Bowling Balls Jul. 13

IoT Attack, Incident Response Jul. 25

Balloons! Sep. 6

Owl Woods Oct. 3

When I'm... Nov. 26

An Analogy for Boxing Day Dec. 26

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F