For Some Reason

Douchebag as a strategy
Douchebaggery as a strategy . .

WSOP 2016 coverage is under way.  ESPN hates poker, and thinks it's boring and stupid, but they show it anyway.  For some reason.

Only about 4% of the field this year were women, and the announcers were bemoaning that and saying women should be more involved.

For some reason.

In the next minute, they show this hand

This is apparently Kassouf's entire game: verbally harassing his opponents until they make bad decisions.  What's hard to imagine, though, is Kassouf getting the pass he gets for this performance from other players and from the announcers, unless he does this to a woman.

Bonus asshole: Alex Keating

If I'm in any kind of minority, especially gender, do I want to dive into this mess?  Hell no.

For some reason.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F