Folk Theories

People have some interesting ideas about how this all works.

Click through to see the magic!

Magical thinking has also told these same morons that if they only traveled for The Holidays (magic!) and only saw Family and Close Friends (more magic! Just consult The Hallmark Channel!), they would be immune somehow.

I will be pleasantly surprised if we don't have ten million (!!!) new cases by Groundhog Day. I would mind this much less if people behaving this way only killed one another, and not bystanders with more cognitive abilities.

Alas, idiots with no scientific education nor critical thinking skills is what the right-wing authoritarians started out trying to make of Americans beginning in 1981, the start of the first fascist-leaning Rethuglican administration. Their success must warm whatever there is of Putin's heart.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F