Been a while since I have been in one of these.  In fact, the last one I was in was called The Price Club.  But we've got a new (-ish) one here in Rochester, and we're hearing tales of a responsible corporate citizen who Does The Right Thing, so we figured, what the heck.


We went this morning, having already joined online.  We picked up our cards and wandered into the store.  BIG BULK GOODS everywhere.  We were looking for cat food.  We saw every aisle dutifully marked with a number, but no indication of what is in which aisle.

I asked a sample-giving-out person, how do we know where to find what items?  She said, "You don't. That's the beauty of it."  She told us that they literally put out whatever they are putting out, wherever there happens to be room.  Random, or close enough to it.  My working theory is, that by forcing you to walk around to different parts of the space, they hope you will find more stuff you "need."

Anyway, she did happen to know where cat food was -- today.  They didn't have our brand.  So, we bought paper towels and toilet paper anyway.  Because, Costco!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F