Congressional Ethics

An oxymoron, right?  Like Military Intelligence or Jumbo Shrimp...

But at least the formerly independent Congressional Ethics Office made them go to the trouble of getting around it.  So yesterday the Rethuglicans met (sneaking around, in secret!  They do have SOME shame, maybe?) and planned to eviscerate it.  It would have reported to the Ethics Committee -- in other words it would have been useless except for attacking members of the "wrong" party (p.s., that's us).

But today a massive voter backlash -- and maybe a tweet by President Pumpkin? -- got them to back off.  SO it's safe.  For now.

I don't doubt that they will bury this move somewhere less obvious, and soon.  But they can be shoved a bit, and this is encouraging.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F