Coffee & Browser Tabs

Buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be really random tonight.

I drink coffee I make at home in my grind&brew rig. To me, the best thing about coffee shop coffee is that they grind the beans immediately before brewing. Everything else is secondary. So, with a Capresso, I can do that. And I get away with very inexpensive supermarket coffee beans.

We had been drinking Wegmans Medium Roast for a while, but I wanted a tweak to a slightly darker roast flavor. But not all the way to Espresso roast beans. So I tried a mix -- loading my bean hopper with a 50/50 blend of the two. It tastes great! Although, it's no less filling.

Anyone else blend different beans to get just the coffee they want?

Another thing. I use (used to use? will someday use again?) an extension to Firefox called Simple Tab Groups (STG). Well, I accidentally updated my STG to version 4.7.1, from 4.7. Holy carp, what a mess!

See, 4.7.1 only runs in version 91 of Firefox. But the developers of Debian, my desktop OS, are in some kind of library-version p!ssing match with the developers of Firefox, and so they don't want to advance Firefox on Debian beyond version 75 until they get their way. (75 is the version immediately prior to 91, the current version. Don't ask.) STG 4.7 ran just fine in version 75. But STG 4.7.1 is incompatible and refuses to run on 75. Clearly the STG developers have taken Debian's side.

So now I need a way to assemble into about 18 groups, all of the ~200 tabs I use regularly. Nothing else I have seen quite handles that volume the way STG does.

Any suggestions?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F