It's the name of a county in Tennessee.  It's also apparently what the heads of that county's administrators are made of.  It seems to them that Obamacare is such a burden on the county budget that they have to close down the public schools.

This story in Slate fingers a few of the more obvious lies inconsistencies in the story being told by the county officials.  And Rethuglicans holding government functions for ransom in the service of their temper tantrums is nothing new. But my question is this: what do some county-level redneck bumpkins in Tennessee think is the endgame for this gambit?  Do they think the US House that has voted 56 times and counting to repeal it, having failed to pass that repeal 56 times and counting, will suddenly sit up and say, Well!  They shut down the public schools in Clay County, Tennessee!  NOW WE REPEAL FOR REAL!

Or do they think that by shutting down the schools, they give the Republican majority in that county its best chance to survive for another generation?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F