Christmas Late Posting

Christmas was a very full day; posting got delayed. Sorry. Back to schedule tomorrow.

We did a full complement of Christmas activity, COVID notwithstanding. We had a lovely Zoom with the kids for an hour. We opened presents - Jill got me a very beautiful set of Japanese-made chef knives I can't wait to try out. They feel wonderful in my hand.

We watch all the "required" movies. Also, we watched a Christmas special that I had long missed out on. Have you not seen this yet? It's very.

Now, you might think this trailer makes the show look, umm, not good. I can assure you the trailer does not do the full show justice. The full show (find it here) is much, much worse.

But now, I have seen it. To have dragged myself through this feels like a leveling-up of my Star Wars fandom. Sort of like reading The Silmarillion, for a Tolkien fan. Which I have also done. Twice. Oy, the things we do for fandom.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F