Oops.  I looked at the comments.

I was browsing New Yorker cartoons on Instagram and I found this cartoon.  Then I did what they always warn you not to do: I looked at the comments.  

rickjwise@washd_out oh boy... well do you talk to and look at nobody? Has no one EVER sexualized a stranger on the street while talking to you without you telling them that was wrong? Did nobody nearby you as a child ever claim you hit a girl because you liked her, or say « boys will be boys »? Did you call out EVERY boy in your middle school locker room who said things he shouldn’t about girls? Really, you have NEVER let a single sexist thing slide and you have never interrupted a woman, explained something to a woman and then found out she already knew, joked that any woman should make you a sandwich, or said the word « bitch » or « cunt » or « hoe » or « slut » in your entire life????? You have never been or allowed sexism in any way and have always used your privilege as a man to stand up for every single woman everywhere?? I guess you’ve proved me wrong, you’re a saint and there’s definitely no way that, because they are raised in a sexist culture, every man has sexismengrained [sic] into him by his surroundings from the day he’s born and accidentally and even maybe actively uses his privilege every single day

The point being - that even if you are not the guy in the cartoon, who would abuse equality by reasserting his privilege to oppress, you - we - have all been so steeped in these ways of oppressing women and POC and especially WOC that it's hard to be sure you're not doing it at any moment.  You have to check.  Check your... 

Class?  Class? I can't hear you!


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F