Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together

In a very real way, this song's lyrics capture the essence of a certain demographic of this country in the '60s and '70s.  I know, because I was in that crowd, and it feels like my youth, too.

I've got some real estate here in my bag

There is a fun book called, Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike.  It's illustrated only with drawings because taking photographs of the NJ Turnpike is against the regulations of the NJ Turnpike. 

And you know where the title comes from.

I was skeptical of the covers for this song because most of them on YT are those sad 3:12 clips of someone in their mom's basement with an acoustic guitar and... anyway... this performance gets a standing ovation.   Well, sort of.  Only one member of the audience stands, actually.  But that's OK.  Watch and see what I mean.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F