Ally of the Year

I saw on LinkedIn where someone was named Ally of the Year by one of the groups supporting women in a technology pursuit.

When they publicized the award, they included a "quote" from the honoree. Except for scrubbing out references to what field it is, what follows is the actual wording:

I'm an Ally to Women in [field], because ONLY by diversity and inclusion can we truly provide a rounded world-wide, culture-wide and diverse defense against [technology failure]. I'm also an advocate for diversity and inclusion and generally helping others, because everyone needs a help to start, and no-one should be discluded when they apply themselves towards a career into [this field].

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported my supporting women into [this field], and helping others!

Thank you to all that do so much in caring!

It looks to me like this verbiage was generated by an AI which flunked out of its training for generating Executive Gobbledygook.

The person credited with the quote, by the way, is a native English speaker (assuming their profile info is all true). Their other posts and comments all give the impression of having been written by a human with at least an average command of idiomatic English, if you ignore the #high #rate of #hashtags #damaging #readability. So, "bad translation from their native tongue" is not the explanation for the bafflegab above.

Women do face significant barriers entering and advancing in technology fields, and the help is needed. I just don't see what the value is in all the back-patting when the goals are still so distant. Especially one that gives me so much impression of having been completely faked.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F