1K Days

Cory Doctorow blogged recently about a "D10K party" that he and his friends had when he'd been alive for 10,000 days.

Taking this as an inspiration, I calculated my 1K "birthdays" since I was born.  When I sat back, it looked to me like a bare-bones outline for my memoirs or autobiography.  Not everything important that's happened to me in my life happened on a 1K day, of course, but the major stages of my life are each suggested by one or two of them.  In case you're wondering, I have had 20, so far, and am looking forward to a 21st in the fall of 2016.  Also, as anyone who knows me may have anticipated before reading this, I used 1,024 and not 1,000 as the value for "1K".

Now I just need to get writing.  I might add some of the resulting "chapters" as entries here.

Note added: To calculate your 1K days, put your date of birth in a spreadsheet cell.  Then add successive multiples of 1,024 to that.  Each result will be a 1K birthday.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F