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Rambling Sunday Post about Exercise

Exercise is better to me when I’m actually accomplishing something as I work out.  A real bicycle on the roads is far better than an exercycle.  Running or walking around the city is far better than a treadmill.  Actually going up the steps to my office on the 18th floor would kick the stuffing out of the StairMaster, but for the fact that my company has not seen fit to put a shower in the 18th floor men’s room.

That all said, I admire — and wish I could bring myself to join — the people I see out in rain and snow doing these workouts.  I have seen people running in the city when the sidewalks are mostly covered with ice.  I think they wear spikes to get some traction.  Seems like an unusual devotion to running, possibly shading into addiction.  I can’t get that motivated to go bicycling, but I definitely miss it when I don’t go on a given day.  It’s starting to take more and more intensity and probability of rain to keep me in.

Since getting semi-serious about the biking, my weight has not budged.  But hauling it around the city feels easier, so that’s something.

I have a pair of running shoes called Bounce that have very springy soles.  The soles also have little holes in them: presumably for ventilation?  I did not realize they had that feature until I went out in them one day shortly after rain had stopped.  Yuck. Maybe they were intended to be used only indoors, in a gym.

I read somewhere that any hobby for which you have to change shoes is getting serious.  I have noticed that my existing running/walking shoes are not really suitable to the bicycle.  The soles flare out a bit toward the bottom edge and get in the way of smoothly positioning my feet on the pedals, into the toe brackets.  I have no plans (yet) for those steel clip-in pedals, but I am now in the market for a pair of shoes where the soles don’t flare out like that.

It’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?  Don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know.

No Post Today. Just Post-It Notes.

I can’t write a blog post today so here is the text of a collection 
of Post-It Notes I found laying around the old bloggery.

Yes, President Obama said “nigger” during an interview 
this week.  The word exists and people (obviously) still
do not understand much about it. 
How about we pay attention to the other 43 presidents 
and thousands of other elected officials who’ve undoubtedly
used that word as a slur, and not in a lesson.

Atheism is a religion like:
  – Not collecting stamps is a hobby
  – Abstinence is a sex act
  – Off is a TV channel
  – Fasting is a meal
  – Nudity is a clothing line 
                     Thanks to Hemant Mehta 

If you think Josh Duggar 
is just an aberration, learn
more about Quiverfull here.

North Carolina Republicans did not think an upcoming judicial 
election would go well for them.  So they canceled it.
If you doubt this is a dry run for a larger (national) move like 
this, please check out my craigslist ad for that bridge in NY.

I have, numerous times, at work in the afternoon, said to 
myself, “I wish I had ridden my bike here today.”  Not ONCE 
have I said, “I wish I had NOT ridden my bike here today.”  
This morning, when the conventional forecast said, “Rain 
until mid-afternoon” I almost did not ride.  But then I checked 
forecast.io and it showed me that for the next hour or so I 
would see a break in the rain. 

forecast.io rocks. And the weather is beautiful now, and 
my bike is in the rack downstairs.

Jeb! The Donald! Notes from the Clown Car

Notes from the Republican clown car… or as they like to think of it, presidential campaign.

Jeb Bush has been running for the office ever since he noticed that his brother W (for “Worst-ever”) did not actually get indicted for treason.  But he’s afraid that people might actually remember that brother of his who lied us into a war in Iraq because twenty Saudis trained in Afghanistan to crash four planes into the sides of buildings in the US.  And who crashed the economy into the side of a mountain in order to make his billionaire buddies billioner.

So his campaign’s official logo conveniently omits something:

That’s right – no last name.  Seems about right.  If my name were Bush I would probably just move to the Caymans so I could be closer to my bribes hard-earned wealth.

Meanwhile, back at Clown Central, the clowniest clown who ever clowned has agreed to a ride in the Clown Car

So now the Party of Nope is ever more solidly the Party of Dope.  Let’s hope he gets sued by Neil Young soon for illegally using “Rockin’ in the Free World” as his campaign music.  Is it possible there’s another song that more completely indicts the sliminess of the 1980s selfish-conservertarian swamp that spawned The Donald?
 ‘nother story

Pebble in the Park

Someone left this on the picnic table where I ate lunch today, in Washington Square Park.

I hope this is the output of an attempt to truly spread a random positive message and not a specific targeted one.  I would hate to think it’s some kid trying to get through to her crush… and instead this old lump of a man who works across the street finds it.

Anyway, I did not keep it.

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