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This Actually Explains a Lot

Where did all the parody go?

This is why we can’t have nice things, or parody.



Warning: Anger does not have to make sense to win elections.

Click through for all the stupid sh* they are angry about. As if it matters.

White people’s lizard brains are going to kill us all, mark my words.

And once again: there is #NoParody

Just Think!

Someone could be mulching their garden, anywhere in the world, and then,

More straight-up news reporting from a purveyor of so-called #parody.

There is #noparody.

The Wingnut Cycle

The parodists are back to reporting truth.

This part is OUR fault

I don’t know when rational people will get with the program and stop engaging. This has worked hundreds of times for those villains and we keep allowing it. We have to break the cycle.

Ignore them. Ignore them! IGNORE THEM!

If Only

What’s depicted in this item are five scenarios from “parallel earth”, which is to say, one where the leadership operates in the interests of the people.

It’s really worth checking in. If only to imagine what an improvement even one of these could be, let alone all five.

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