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Good Points

He made some good points!

Oh yeah, there’s more. Click!

Straight News Reporting

That is all Tom Tomorrow / This Modern World is now. There is #NoParody



This was published TWO DAYS AGO. And it’s already superseded by the NEXT mass murder. This is how the US works now, I guess.

Masks Off

When the masks come off, we see people’s true nature.

Click through for all the reasonable actions by Americans under minimally competent leadership

This might be a scene from a parallel universe where the President was not a Russian proxy acting in the interest of our country’s biggest enemy.

Of course this was helped by the fact that if Americans are asked to suffer slight inconvenience to protect the lives and safety of other more vulnerable, they happily will do so.

I think it’s sinking in

The current crop of Rethuglicans completely resist parody.

click through to see just how impervious to parody they are

this is why we can’t have nice things. or parody. And even Tom T is starting to get it…. There is #NoParody

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