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If Only

What’s depicted in this item are five scenarios from “parallel earth”, which is to say, one where the leadership operates in the interests of the people.

It’s really worth checking in. If only to imagine what an improvement even one of these could be, let alone all five.

Triage Time

It’s time for hospitals to stop admitting people who really don’t want to benefit from medical science.

And yes, Sparky. The #noparody trend in our world is strengthening.

Quick Update

So here’s what’s wrong, how to fix it and why it’ll never happen. In a very compact package!

Ignore it and it will go away?

This is how it’s going. The forces of fascism are not letting up, people.

#NoParody — as usual, the reality of our crazy decaying society defies the ability to create parodies of it. Poor Tom.

Close Encounters

Click for Aliens

Actually, they’re not aliens. They’re billionaires and corporations.

And actually, they will not be arriving in two years. They’re already here.

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