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The Struggle Is Real

The man-box is real.  The damage it does is real.  To the men in it, to those around them, and to society.  I have written a bunch on this in the past.

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But of course, these guys don’t have anything like the answer.

Pumpkin is the president of the man-box, so it’s not the least bit surprising that this kind of brain-rot is thriving right now.

Hecies and Shecies

Once again, a bit o’genius from  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

No doubt this piece was inspired at least in part by the current phenomenon called, “Men Going Their Own Way” (just Google MGTOW  if you have time for a cry).  This is an outgrowth of the hideous Men’s Rights movement, in which men so socially and emotionally stunted that they repel even the most brainwashed of women decide it’s better this way.  They don’ need no steenkin’ wimmins.  They can even learn to cook!  Their recipes are a real hoot — it’s hard to believe some of them are not just food-trolling.

The parallels between Men’s Rights and White Supremacy are pretty fun to trace.  For certain very odd values of “fun”.  In both cases, the ridiculously over-privileged are incapable of seeing that privilege, and so interpret any attempt to level the field as a vicious attack and/or attempt to “oppress” them.  Which leads to idiots on social media asking every February, “why can’t we have a White History Month?”

As an aside, it is actually an interesting idea to me: whether language alone could have resulted in speciation of Homo Sapiens, had the Internet not intervened to eliminate that possibility.

xkcd on Beer

Friday’s xkcd is about beer.

Mouseover Text: Mmmm, this is such a positive experience! I feel no social pressure to enjoy it at all!
This is of a piece with how beer is a component of the manbox, about which I have written before.

Sweden Welcomes Russian Subs with the Singing Sailor

Apparently this is keeping the Russians out of Sweden’s territorial waters.

Imagine being so locked in the manbox that you actually alter your military strategy just to keep Teh Gay from getting its cooties on you!

The USA should totally look into whether N. Korea is as homophobic as Russia is.

Drunk dad advice

This Kids in the Hall video is unserious, but it makes some serious points.

Chad doesn’t know where they’re going, but he knows.  He’s being fitted for his own little manbox, and he can’t say it’s unexpected — he’s been shown this box since he was no older than 5, maybe younger.  His dad gets “pathetically drunk” because drinking = manhood.  Men make fire.  Men are the ones who know about money.  Men don’t care about pain. Pick a stereotype, it’s in there.

Chad isn’t happy about his box but he’s not offered much choice.  It’s his family tradition, after all.  And now he feels a lot older….

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