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Antisocial Media

Photo: NYTimes

The Senate report on social media influence in the 2016 election is out and… it’s bad.  To compare the 2016 election cycle to a Pearl Harbor-type attack via the internet would not be extreme.  In fact, it would put you in good company, such as with the New York Times.

Click it!  You know you want to.

It’s hard to know what to do about this that’s effective.  Encourage everyone you know to vet news sources.  The Times (NY and LA alike), the Post, CNN and MSNBC are still showing me some commitment to reporting reality and not propaganda.  Even the WSJ is OK if you just avoid its editorial page, which is basically the reincarnated spirit of Ayn Rand.

And get the hell off Facebook, finally.  In fact, pretty much all “social media” is vulnerable to this influence, so using it in any way as a source of news is completely insane.

Facebook As a Dating Site

I am no Luddite about things like this.  I met my wife online… in 1997.   I am a firm believer that one’s best chance to get to know someone well is to have lots of verbal conversation before meeting in person.  Email and chat are just awesome for that.

But is this Facebook’s response to all the recent news coverage of what an utter trainwreck it is for privacy?  To double down with a dating function?


click thru for the rest – NSFW lang.


All These Years Later

They are finally starting to “get it”.  From forbes.com today:

In Light Of Facebook Data Breach, It’s Time To Switch To Google Plus

forbes.com today

This is what I have been saying for almost as long.


Do I just leave money in my mailbox? How much? How much money do they need, anyway? I guess it probably depends how the economy is doing. If stocks go up, should I leave more money in my mailbox or less?

Today’s XKCD

I have had a Facebook account for years.  I have kept it deactivated so that nobody can squat my name.  Well, this week, perhaps a little impulsively, I deleted it.  If it was rash, so be it.

Pretty much the only place to find me on social media now is Google+.

Facebook Stalks…

Stalkscan is a service that really doesn’t do anything you can’t do anyway.

But it does show you how very much information Facebook aggregates about you… or anyone.  If you find this disturbing, well, I think you should.  Quitting Facebook is not easy but it’s important.

Quit now.


Friends don’t let friends Facebook.


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