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Idiot Quota – my idea of the week.

I hereby declare that each of us is entitled to set a reasonable daily Idiot Quota, and when it is reached, we are no longer required to deal with any more idiots that day.  By “reasonable,” I mean greater than zero, but not necessarily into double digits.

The magnitude of the idiots is not relevant.  By dealing with bigger idiots at times, you are learning the valuable lesson that the world is essentially random and sometimes you just get the worse of it.  If your quota is seven idiots per day, one really big idiot still only counts as one.  Six to go.

Also, it is required to deal with the idiots in person (or on the phone).  Reading about idiots in the news is not sufficient.  Remember, someone else had to deal with that idiot in person.  Similarly, please do not try to shirk your duty by simply attending a meeting.  Idiots in meetings only count as the square root of the number of idiots in the meeting, rounded up to the next integer.  So if you attend a meeting with seven idiots, take the square root of seven (~2.6458), which rounds up to 3.

The good news is, once you have reached your quota, you are no longer required to deal with any more idiots that day.  The overflow will be shunted to a waiting area where they may watch E! and Fox News, and read assorted Kardashians’ Twitter feeds.

It will be tempting to set your quota at one, since zero is not allowed.  This is technically allowed, but please do not subject this program to the Tragedy of the Commons.  We ask that you set your quota high enough to keep the overflow manageable.  Otherwise, Tea Party rallies may break out and then there will be real trouble for all of us.

Writing Every Day

I have set myself the challenge to write something here every day.  Sharing that goal with you is a means of putting additional pressure on myself to post something daily.  So thanks for reading, and by reading, wanting me to write more.  Even if only a little.  Thank you.

I will write every day, but topics will range widely.  On any given day it could be information security, or IT in general. It could be some neat trick I pulled off while expanding my home network.  It could be the latest political shenanigans by the Ridiculous Right, or an LGBTQ issue of interest.  It could be about Religious Freedom – by which, of course, I mean Freedom From Religion.

Warning: it could be pictures of my cats.   But I promise I will try to keep those to a minimum.

I recently backed a Kickstarter called Flip Bands.  It’s very simple: an elastic band you wear on your wrist every day.  When you do whatever the particular thing is you are determined to do that day, you flip the band over.  The side you expose then is green and displays a check mark.

Years ago, I took training for using a paper-based organizer system called Franklin.  The instructor emphasized that you had to have some things in your plan every day that you could check off.  He told us the act of checking off would give us a shot of endorphins.  I haven’t measured my endorphin levels with any precision, but I will say I never found a reason to disagree with that instructor.

So I predict that if my daily cadence makes it until my Flip Bands arrive, it will go on for quite a while.  I hope so.  The way to write is to write.

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