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Hecies and Shecies

Once again, a bit o’genius from  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

No doubt this piece was inspired at least in part by the current phenomenon called, “Men Going Their Own Way” (just Google MGTOW  if you have time for a cry).  This is an outgrowth of the hideous Men’s Rights movement, in which men so socially and emotionally stunted that they repel even the most brainwashed of women decide it’s better this way.  They don’ need no steenkin’ wimmins.  They can even learn to cook!  Their recipes are a real hoot — it’s hard to believe some of them are not just food-trolling.

The parallels between Men’s Rights and White Supremacy are pretty fun to trace.  For certain very odd values of “fun”.  In both cases, the ridiculously over-privileged are incapable of seeing that privilege, and so interpret any attempt to level the field as a vicious attack and/or attempt to “oppress” them.  Which leads to idiots on social media asking every February, “why can’t we have a White History Month?”

As an aside, it is actually an interesting idea to me: whether language alone could have resulted in speciation of Homo Sapiens, had the Internet not intervened to eliminate that possibility.

Jeb! The Donald! Notes from the Clown Car

Notes from the Republican clown car… or as they like to think of it, presidential campaign.

Jeb Bush has been running for the office ever since he noticed that his brother W (for “Worst-ever”) did not actually get indicted for treason.  But he’s afraid that people might actually remember that brother of his who lied us into a war in Iraq because twenty Saudis trained in Afghanistan to crash four planes into the sides of buildings in the US.  And who crashed the economy into the side of a mountain in order to make his billionaire buddies billioner.

So his campaign’s official logo conveniently omits something:

That’s right – no last name.  Seems about right.  If my name were Bush I would probably just move to the Caymans so I could be closer to my bribes hard-earned wealth.

Meanwhile, back at Clown Central, the clowniest clown who ever clowned has agreed to a ride in the Clown Car

So now the Party of Nope is ever more solidly the Party of Dope.  Let’s hope he gets sued by Neil Young soon for illegally using “Rockin’ in the Free World” as his campaign music.  Is it possible there’s another song that more completely indicts the sliminess of the 1980s selfish-conservertarian swamp that spawned The Donald?
 ‘nother story

Pebble in the Park

Someone left this on the picnic table where I ate lunch today, in Washington Square Park.

I hope this is the output of an attempt to truly spread a random positive message and not a specific targeted one.  I would hate to think it’s some kid trying to get through to her crush… and instead this old lump of a man who works across the street finds it.

Anyway, I did not keep it.

Divorce and Rolling Coal

So there’s this Australian couple who have let it be known that if Australia becomes a civilized place where any two people regardless of gender can get married, they will get a divorce.  That’s right – if civil marriage in Oz can’t conform to their religious ideas then they want no part of it.

If this brings to mind images of toddlers throwing temper tantrums and holding their breath until they turn blue, I think you are being unfair.  To toddlers.

I love that they open their position statement with, “As Christians…”  That always reminds me of Bill Maher’s famous take: they think we’re hearing that they have the moral high ground, but what we’re really hearing is that they have a neurological disorder.

For some reason it also reminded me of the “Rolling Coal” idiots in the heartland of the USA.  You may have seen these guys riding around in hideously oversized diesel trucks that have had their engines specially damaged tuned to produce inky black exhaust.

This is (are you sitting down?) their way of protesting against the existence of hybrids and electric vehicles.  Protesting against other drivers trying not to destroy the environment.

If these assorted morons really wish to damage themselves because the human race is making social progress, I wish they would try harder not to harm others in the process.  And I also wish they would be more efficient about it.

Ann Coulter – Prankster

There’s simply no way Ann Coulter truly, sincerely believes all the insane garbage she spews.  It has to be some kind of massive prank, or a bet, or a bizarre tontine of… ludicrous hateful statements, maybe?

Anyway the latest flood of her verbal sewage suggests that the “problem with this country” is immigrants.  Not “illegal immigrants,” mind you.  Immigrants.  Now, by “immigrants” she means those who immigrated after her ancestors had.  So that would be the Irish and the Chinese and the Italians and the Jews and the Mexicans and the Vietnamese.  Among others.

But I think if we really wanted to solve the “immigrant” problem comprehensively we should take it up to the real authorities on watching what happens to this country as immigrants arrive.  The Iroquois, the Powhatan, the Seminole, the Cherokee and the Sioux.  Among others.

So I’m guessing that is not what Coulter meant.  It’s hard to know what she really meant, though.  I think it might be a tontine.  Maybe we’ll find out when she dies.

I can’t wait!

(To find out what she meant!  What did you think I was saying?)

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