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Respect the Police!

Click Through to See the Horrible Outcome of
Holding Police Accountable for Their Actions!

I have been told that the only way to minimally respect the police is never to question any action they take.

I have been told that I must enthusiastically support anyone wearing a blue uniform without even bothering to learn the facts of a given incident.

I have been told even choosing to remain silent, rather than start a verbal fracas where it would accomplish nothing, is implied insult to our noble blue-clad guardians.

I guess I am an epic failure in this area.

Small Town

Rochester is a pretty good-sized city, but when it comes to tech employment it’s a small town.

I recently started in a new job but I have to say that I already know about a third of my co-workers. People are coming and leaving but I know someone wherever they are going. Or where they came from.

Someone pointed out today that this makes it wiser not to piss anyone off. I have to acknowledge the wisdom of that. The person whose departure we marked today was someone who hired me for my first job here, 22 years ago. Who knows? I might be hiring them in another few years.

RIP Anthony

This just feels wrong.  The world seems just wrong without Anthony Bourdain.

We got a bunch of ideas for our trip to Paris from this episode:

It’s as if a friend we trusted told us where the real things could be found, and not the touristy same-old-same-old.

this is Anthony, lovin’ Waffle House

I am sure we had a much better experience than we would have without Anthony.

Bonus: the first episode of the first season. Equally inspiring.

Nope nope nope

Toilets in public places have all kinds of issues.  It’s how a barista can shame the homeless.   Well, count on the bros in tech to make it much worse.  Here’s how they plan to turn every toilet into a pay toilet.

I will actively boycott any business that shows up with one of these.

via BoingBoing

Rochester is Out

Rochester, like 218 other cities, is out of the running for the Amazon HQ2.

The “lucky” semifinalists or… whatever

I think we dodged a bullet, frankly.  Cities are doing horrible things to get the privilege of being taken to the cleaners by a gigantic corporation.  Viz:


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