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That’s Amore

Yes it’s cheesy. Yes it’s a cliche. But ignore all that for a minute:

Dude had some serious pipes.

That is all.

And So This is Christmas

Fifty years ago, this was.

Waltz of Death

I remember Batman (1989) being a really good movie. I also remember it being a movie that was distinctly NOT for kids.

This did not deter the Hollywood marketers from marketing it aggressively to kids.

More than one parent had to explain as best they could to exasperated nine-year-olds why they could NOT go see this movie!


Enjoy what you have today, today.

It’s not a matter of ignoring the future, it’s a matter of not letting anticipation of something to come cloud your understanding of how lovely is what you have…


Only Love

Not even the best of CSNY, but still amazing.

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