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Gas Prices

This is an ideal solution, that will, of course, not occur. But anyone can do their part by: driving less, using public transit, voting out all Rethuglicans and also any Dems who take carbon money (looking at you, Manchin), and of course driving smaller cars.

#waltzwednesdays remains on hiatus while more stock is accumulated.


Who else is sick of these:

Jan. 6 panel says it has evidence Trump broke laws in trying to overturn the election

POS who will never be held accountable for anything

Dozens of times since 2015 we have been treated to headlines like this, detailing felonies perpetrated by this waste of oxygen, only to have what the English irreplaceably call, “sweet fuck-all” come of it.

Sick of it. Stop putting these teases in front of us until someone is going to do something about one.

Because it’s a lead-pipe cinch this congress ain’t.

program note: #waltzwednesdays is on a break while I hunt up more good subjects.

Waltz Recap Pt. 2

For a second recap of Waltz Wednesdays (see first one here), I have noticed that a good chunk of my waltzes are featured in movies and shows. So without further ado…

Patriarchal garbage in a movie filled with patriarchal garbage… BUT… a damn fine piece of music.
You could almost feel bad for HAL… nah. Not really.
The only thing almost anyone can remember about this show is this fantastick song

Last but not remotely least…

A great waltz that signals a great movie


I like the calliope feel of the brass at the chorus.

Why this song? Again?

Rise and shine, campers! Don’t forget your booties because it’s cold out there today!

some movie

Waltz Wednesdays in Review

A best-of edition, as this Waltz Wednesdays feature has now been lilting around the dance floor for three years running. Time flies, as they say!

Blue Danube was the first, and this is still one of my favorites. The best cinematic use of this piece of music evar!

This is the gold standard

Sweet Baby James is a song James Taylor considers even now, the best song he’s ever written. This is actually a little sad.


Marbles perform Tchaikovsky. The patience that went into creating this is unimaginable, to me.


Mull of Kintyre proves that there is such a thing as bagpipes played well. There’s also a test but we won’t go into that now.


America — we’re still looking for it. It may have gotten away. But back then, there was still a good shot.

Still Looking?

Bonus track

Bonus Track

Indeed, time flies like an arrow. But fruit flies like a banana.

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