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Thoroughfare Gap

The first-ever Train Music Thursday was CSN (Marrakesh Express) and so the last one ever might as well be.

Youtube embedding is working spottily as I write this. If you have an issue playing this, click here.

Trans Europa Express

This is from 1977, so when you think about how much Techno and EDM sounds like it, you realize how influential Kraftwerk really were.

Of course this also reminds me how backward the USA is when it comes to rail as a transportation option….

Steel Rail Blues

If you can think of a great folk-rock song that Bob Dylan did not write, there’s a good chance this dude wrote it.

I never heard the backstory of the song until I found this video. I wonder how much of it is taken from reality?


There’s train music that has other messages. There’s train music that makes a point about Something Important.

Not this. This is… pure.

Who Cares About the Railroads?

Nobody, that’s who. Or almost nobody.

Which is a shame, because the carefully plotted, strategic destruction of all public transit is a chief contributor to climate change. But hey, GM got a bunch of nice shareholder value so, it’s all good.

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