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Monsoon Season

Jinkx Monsoon won Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Well deserved, and in no small part helped by this:

But now she’s back on All Stars Season 7, and the second episode was Snatch Game again. And Jinkx… is absolutely on another level this year.

That’s but a taste. Seriously, get yourself in front of the whole episode. It’s a barn-burner.

Spring has Finally Sprung

In Rochester, that means lilacs!

What Catches the Wave at reddit?

Sometimes it’s just silly.

Sometimes it’s this.


People think having money means some sort of merit.

All it really means, most of the time is, their parents had even more money.


See this tree? This is one beautiful tree. I tell you, I took this picture today, and it does not do the tree justice. The light was kinda lousy and I am a poor photographer. This tree is knock-your-socks-off beautiful.

But here’s the thing about this tree: these gorgeous blossoms come out at the end of April and then they are gone within a week of Mother’s Day. The rest of the year? This tree looks… weird. Kinda sad. Definitely not an eye-catching, head-turning beauty like it is right now.

Is it the same tree? Yes.

Is it worth having around for the other 49½ weeks of each year, looking all weird and sad, for this?


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