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Here is the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal from August 10th, just this past Monday.

Nothing in this posting made me think Zach, the author/artist, was trying to make a reference to xkcd #386 from 2008:

This must be a case of unconscious influence. Or maybe it’s down to the fact that there are only seven stories.

And since it’s #caturday, here’s a GPOMC

Lazy Day

We are having a very lazy Caturday.

Saving the world can wait

We’ll never be quite as good at that, however, as Gertrude and Alice are.

Gertrude Solicits Belly Rubs

Late Friday Early Caturday

Gertrude knows that a basket of freshly folded laundry is a bed we have custom-made for her.

When one knows something that is not true, they know it really fervently.

it is God’s will that I lay here!

“You know what to do!”

Alice every day, checking if the fireplace is lit.

If it is not, Alice informs us of our obligation.

A Man And His Cat

Gertrude and I wish you a serene and happy Caturday

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