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Snoozy Caturday

It’s the Gertrude & Alice show today.

Gert Snoozes

It’s cold outside, and a little snowy. So the fire is going inside.

This makes the cats… very tired.

Alice Slumbers

So, so tired.

Just Cats

So much going on in the world. It’s #caturday, though. Here are two beautiful cats.




I walked in to these two snuggled together on the bed. I think we’re lucky they get along so well. Yes they were litter-mates and all, but we could have it much worse all the same.

It was eight years ago this week we brought them home and it’s been marvelous. Happy #Caturday!


Someone said to me, over Christmas break, “you have GOT to see THIS.”

They were not wrong. British TV is just on another level, sometimes.

Also here, for your delectation on this fine #caturday, is a GPOMC.


It’s cold today here. We woke to 5F (-15C) and by 3PM it’s all the way up to 12F (-11C).

I’m gonna tell ya: Gert has the right idea.

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