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Caturday Long Weekend

Lucky enough to have Monday and Tuesday off this coming week. So Caturday lasts a long time, too.

Alice Contemplates the Long Weekend
Gert calculates, Hmmm three and a half days to enact my plans. Well, at least I have the all-important Cardboard Box!

Caturday Late

Rochester. If you don’t like the weather, give it ten minutes.

I ask you: is this what my deck is supposed to look like in the latter half of April?

The cats made the very salient point that with weather like that, we should be running the fireplace. Not shutting it down.

When they’re right they’re right.

Bangers & Mash

Click for the crucial recipe

We did not much enjoy most of the food we had in England, but Bangers & Mash was a shining exception.

To make it satisfyingly at home, it turned out the critical component was being able to get the gravy just right. Then we found this recipe. Now all’s right with the world.

Bed Kittehz

Cats have ideas of where they belong

At bedtime for the hoomins, Gert (right) does not think she has to move. It makes for some interesting… discussions.


Since I ran a straight blog, not #Caturday on Saturday, today you get two pix of our fur-behbehs.

It’s not a laundry basket, it’s a cat bed. How dare you imply otherwise?
Alice considers the fire her due.

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