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Bed Kittehz

Cats have ideas of where they belong

At bedtime for the hoomins, Gert (right) does not think she has to move. It makes for some interesting… discussions.


Since I ran a straight blog, not #Caturday on Saturday, today you get two pix of our fur-behbehs.

It’s not a laundry basket, it’s a cat bed. How dare you imply otherwise?
Alice considers the fire her due.

Lazy Caturday

Gertrude and Alice say, You go have your lazy day and leave us to have ours.

Caturday Everyday

Since I post every other day, I only post on Saturday every two weeks.

Well, today I have to show you how magnificent Gertrude’s whiskers are, so I am hereby declaring a Sunday Caturday.

The vet even commented on them.

Lazy Caturday Again

It’s been a week.
#Caturday is a welcome respite.

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