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It’s cold today here. We woke to 5F (-15C) and by 3PM it’s all the way up to 12F (-11C).

I’m gonna tell ya: Gert has the right idea.

And so, Caturday

Christmas Fire Time

Christmas-y Caturday

We’ve been trying to get the girls to be comfortable wearing these. Trying them on for a few minutes each day, etc.

So far not much. Gert got away from us with the hat on, and spent most of a day hiding under a bed not letting us remove it.

We’re not ready for the Christmas card photo shoot just yet.

It’s Fireplace Season

With temps around here hanging close to 40F (~5C), it’s time for the fireplace to light up again. Which makes this a perfect #caturday post!

Gertrude and Alice both love the fireplace, but only Alice actively “lobbies” for it.


Sometimes Gert feels like a snuggle.

Sometimes she don’t.

Could a cat want LESS to be snuggled by a hoomin, than the one in this picture?

Within seconds of Jill snapping this pic Gert was off to the races.

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