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Covid finally got here

Luckily, a mild case. J and I both have it, to the same degree. Still, even a mild case of this is like the worst. cold. ever.

We probably caught it the weekend of the 24th. J got sick with what just seemed like a cold on the Tue., the 27th. She tested, but it came up negative. OK, colds happen. I still went out to meetings on Wed and Thu. Ugh. I may have infected a few people while I was still asymptomatic. That sucks.

On Fri. afternoon, I started to feel it. By Mon. morning, it was time to test again – this was no ordinary cold. Sure enough, that bright red T line popped up as soon as the sample hit it. 15 minutes, my ass.

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Back to Normal?

What’s normal? I did announce a break for some travel. I didn’t expect to let it stretch to two months, but it did. Anyhow, I’m back now.

The Rochester Security Summit is coming up and I will be speaking there.

Other than that… the usual panoply of political outrage continues.

Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme merde

OSINT Caturday

Do you post pictures of your cat on Saturdays, in celebration of the internet Sabbath known as #Caturday?

I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a website devoted to mapping the cats of the world, based on mapping the geo-location information in a million publicly available cat pictures found on the Internet.

If you infer a warning from this, you are correct.

This picture never had any geo-info to remove, because Apple defaults toward protecting privacy (mostly). But not all phones behave the same: check your settings.

Get Down

and play with your kittehz! It’s #Caturday!


The Guardian is one of my most reliable news sources. And I never thought of it having “funnies.” But recently, either they started or I just noticed First Dog on the Moon. Here’s today’s sample:

I subscribe to The Guardian for an ad-free experience but you can read it either way. Highly recommended.

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