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Vaccine Mandates

OSHA has announced the vaccine mandates, for every workplace with 100 or more employees.

Soon these Russian-troll-inspired protests are going to get violent.

What a shame that the delicious irony of “My body my choice!” is utterly lost on these anti-choice troglodytes.

Late Late

Sorry – missed a posting day. Loving this story, tho:

Pumpkin’s TRUTH social network is based on Mastodon but violates the terms of its open-source license.

Seriously, do these f*ers ever miss an opportunity to screw someone over?

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


Colin Powell died. It’s easy to look at a Black man who advanced to such a high level as a champion of progress.


As the mouthpiece for W he lied us into a multi-trillion dollar waste in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was directly or indirectly responsible for millions of needless deaths.

Yellowcake, indeed.

Fascist Flags

Been seeing a lot of these lately. In many variations.

If we think Jan 6 was the end of it, we’re wrong. Wrong.

The Wingnut Cycle

The parodists are back to reporting truth.

This part is OUR fault

I don’t know when rational people will get with the program and stop engaging. This has worked hundreds of times for those villains and we keep allowing it. We have to break the cycle.

Ignore them. Ignore them! IGNORE THEM!

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