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School Control

Here we go again: #noparody

Home schooling was actually proposed as a remedy for school shootings.

Public education is a giant enemy to the fascist right AKA the mainstream Rethuglican party.


That’s it! They are trying to reintroduce predators. This fits all the known facts…

I mean, these people are really devoted to the natural order of things! Remember, they are the ones who voted to let babies starve, unless their mothers can start lactating on demand.

There Are Not Enough Curses

…for this person. Nor are there any evil enough.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (Fascist-WV)

When the Senate voted down the codification of Roe v. Wade, this asshole is why and how the side of evil won this battle.

Since there is no curse, here’s a wish: may he become completely irrelevant, as quickly as possible.

Boycotts Work

Click Thru for the whole story

Walmart, Disney and health insurance provider Anthem have all given thousands of dollars in donations to the RSLC, Popular Information reported. Other donors include Uber, T-Mobile, Google, and eBay.

Ja’han Jones (link)

You know what to do.

Masks Off

When the masks come off, we see people’s true nature.

Click through for all the reasonable actions by Americans under minimally competent leadership

This might be a scene from a parallel universe where the President was not a Russian proxy acting in the interest of our country’s biggest enemy.

Of course this was helped by the fact that if Americans are asked to suffer slight inconvenience to protect the lives and safety of other more vulnerable, they happily will do so.

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