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So the Problem Is….

…not so much that Pumpkin was president. It’s that he showed the Rethuglicans how completely disconnected from truth they could be and still get reported in corporate media as if they should be taken seriously.

He didn’t need to be president to do that, but it did make the process more efficient.

This movie is better than I even remembered.

…which has nothing to do with any of the above, I am sure.

Mysteries of Life

The right-wing nutjobs are having no trouble getting to the bottom of certain mysteries.

As much as Tom Tomorrow is trying to make this look like parody, he’s only putting their same words into the mouth of his funny character wearing the deerstalker.


Respect the Norms?

Suddenly in a slightly vulnerable position as the minority party in the Senate, Rethuglicans are suddenly all concerned about “the norms”.

Let’s talk about the nomination of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Let’s talk about four years of thug rule from the White House, eagerly enabled by every (R) in Congress. Let’s talk about Amy Pro-Fetus Barrett, shoehorned in with less than one half the time that was unconscionable four years earlier for Garland. And specifically to spit on the memory of RBG.

F* them all. Shred every initiative they propose. Kill the filibuster. Ride these traitors out of DC, the 51st state, on a rail. Tar and feathers optional.

Get Jabbed

The vaccine against COVID-19 is available to most now.

Get it.

Of course, in their bid to keep a perfect streak alive of being idiotic and anti-life, the Rethuglicans are tossing around reasons not to.

Check out the rest of their arguments — the one you see here is one of the better ones. I’m not kidding.





Remember Dr. Birx? She was the one that Pumpkin used to replace Fauci, in order to give his lies and idiocy about COVID-19 some dusting of scientific legitimacy.

But the poor thing, she had to have a very uncomfortable phone call with the presi-dink after she accidentally spoke a few words about COVID-19 that were true, that one time.


It’s tough being the chief science officer on the starship USS Pumpkin, its five-year mission, to finish the Rethuglican imperative to make sure there is nothing left of this country that might challenge Putin.

Well, we know why.

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