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Get Jabbed

The vaccine against COVID-19 is available to most now.

Get it.

Of course, in their bid to keep a perfect streak alive of being idiotic and anti-life, the Rethuglicans are tossing around reasons not to.

Check out the rest of their arguments — the one you see here is one of the better ones. I’m not kidding.





Remember Dr. Birx? She was the one that Pumpkin used to replace Fauci, in order to give his lies and idiocy about COVID-19 some dusting of scientific legitimacy.

But the poor thing, she had to have a very uncomfortable phone call with the presi-dink after she accidentally spoke a few words about COVID-19 that were true, that one time.


It’s tough being the chief science officer on the starship USS Pumpkin, its five-year mission, to finish the Rethuglican imperative to make sure there is nothing left of this country that might challenge Putin.

Well, we know why.


The remnants of the idiocracy of the past four years will be with us for a while, sad to say.

The Machine Rolls On

This book, The Republican Noise Machine, came out in 2004. Even back then, it was at least 24 years in the making.

Now, continuing its ever-onward race to the bottom, which for the last five years or more has involved shovels and drills: the most made-up bullshit of all Rethuglican made-up bullshit. How the Dr. Seuss estate’s decision to stop publishing some of the more obscure titles from their catalog got spun into this absolute panic over “THE LIBTARDS CANCEL CAT IN THE HAT.”

Tom the Dancing Bug is one of my very favorites – you can check out their newsletter here.


It’s a giant distraction.

Click Thru for all the bullshit

Arguing their positions in good faith has been off the table for Rethuglicans since 1980. “There you go again.” Stating facts, Carter was. And now they have industrialized it. That’s Faux News’ mission. Keep the real issues obscured.

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