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Something Must Be Done

This is something.

Primary them both!

THIS must be done!


Click for all the oppression

This is, of course, actually about people being fired for refusing masks/vaccines/testing. In other words, for insisting upon endangering co-workers and the public in the name of their devotion to the MAGA cult of ignorance and hatred.

What these “beliefs” have in common with other MAGAt fantasies like Dominionism, is that they are not about people following their own conscience in deciding how to live their own lives. They are weaponizing decent people’s respect for others’ beliefs into an attack against decency itself.

And So, Monday

Monday, Monday, got away from me but here’s the news for you, straight from the pen of “parody” cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.

Show me the part that’s parody. Go on. I challenge you.

Nothing will happen because the “Democrats” are just pretty much OK with the coming fascist state, too.


There’s plenty of fraud. It’s just not where the people screaming about it say it is.


Warning: Anger does not have to make sense to win elections.

Click through for all the stupid sh* they are angry about. As if it matters.

White people’s lizard brains are going to kill us all, mark my words.

And once again: there is #NoParody

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