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You’re familiar with IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You Are Republican. In which there are no depths to which our corporate state and our corporate media will not sink to forgive+forget any crime, as long as you’re doing your good little Republican part to keep the system (golden)showering wealth and power on the masters.

Somehow, Israel got in on this deal. So the title of today’s lesson adds, “oI” for “or Israel.” Any Israeli war crime can be excused because Israel is the burr under the saddle of the great warhorse that is the Middle East, and thus it’s a vital component to keep the arms money flowing. Most of the people who die are brown, anyway.

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So, Derek Chauvin is guilty. What did that take?

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I don’t know what lasting change will come. The racism is still structural. The hatred whipped up by Rethuglicans is still strong. We still need to get to a place where white cops being found guilty when they murder Black men is the norm. Heck, the norm needs at least to be, where they stand trial.

It’s still the horizon state.


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Police departments in the US were not founded to fight crime, they were founded to deter and to reverse the escape of slaves.

The cycle of violence against the black communities continues, unbroken. It’s obvious that doing the same thing over and over is never going to produce a different result. This must be the result that some in power still want. Slavery may be over, but it’s not really. Ask the Amazon workers in Bessemer.

A racist institution will continue to be racist. When action is taken to make it less racist, the wounds inflicted on the institution will heal. And it will be racist again/still. Maybe even stronger at the broken places. Yes, that principle works for evil as well as good.


Who thinks there’s a chance in hell that Derekkk Chauvin will be convicted? Or even if convicted, serve one minute of jail time.

The game is rigged.

The Hate Business is Booming

Pumpkin really knew the issue that would get Joe Sixpack off the couch, didn’t he?

In a disgustingly predictable development, the (Pumpkin-appointed) FBI director has said, “it does not appear motive was racially motivated.” Yeah, he just had a bad day.

A huge component of the ongoing tradition of American violence against everyone who doesn’t look like a 16th Century Northern European is, that all victims who are not lily-white are to blame somehow for their own persecution. Because white men can’t possibly be in the wrong.

Treason is treated the same as murder – winked at when you’re white. And racism continues strong as the American brand.

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