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Who thinks there’s a chance in hell that Derekkk Chauvin will be convicted? Or even if convicted, serve one minute of jail time.

The game is rigged.

The Hate Business is Booming

Pumpkin really knew the issue that would get Joe Sixpack off the couch, didn’t he?

In a disgustingly predictable development, the (Pumpkin-appointed) FBI director has said, “it does not appear motive was racially motivated.” Yeah, he just had a bad day.

A huge component of the ongoing tradition of American violence against everyone who doesn’t look like a 16th Century Northern European is, that all victims who are not lily-white are to blame somehow for their own persecution. Because white men can’t possibly be in the wrong.

Treason is treated the same as murder – winked at when you’re white. And racism continues strong as the American brand.


The remnants of the idiocracy of the past four years will be with us for a while, sad to say.

Same Old Story

“Police Brutality?…Not Me!” by Sam Milai
First published in the Pittsburgh Courier on January 20, 1968.
Reproduced at The Nib with the assistance of the
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

I had this comfortable illusion that Rochester was just a little better. That maybe the Daniel Prude affair was a fluke and would be dealt with in a way that would show us to be a good example.

Well, that’s shot to hell. Protesters gather in Rochester streets after announcement that no officers will be charged in Daniel Prude’s death

And then… this:

Black mother pepper-sprayed in front of her toddler

It seems almost superfluous in this headline. That first word.

Ding Dong

I touched on this last entry; I feel we need to celebrate some victories over evil.

Georgia (Georgia!) flipped the Senate blue. Pumpkin showed his true fascist colors. Joe Biden was indeed inaugurated. A bunch of trolls on reddit exposed what a steaming pile the whole stock market is. And… Rush Limbaugh died.

If you don’t think it’s seemly to celebrate a death, no matter whose, you don’t get the gestalt of Rush. Rush has been cheerleading for every apex of evil that has crept into the American psyche in the past thirty-some years. Making “liberal” a dirty word? Check. Making intellect something detestable? Check. Coining “feminazi”? Check. And on, and on. The removal of this wellspring of toxicity from our national discourse might be the single best thing that has happened this year yet.

Besides: who else could get #RestInPiss trending on Twitter?

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