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News as Parody

From a presidency that could not be parodied, to a Congress that cannot be.

Maybe the events themselves are starting to just be the parody.


Who Wants a Re-Fund?

Remember that defunding the police is not abandoning the city to chaos. It’s replacing armed thugs with mental health professionals and social programs that make the city more peaceful.

Every time some troll asks, “What will you do without police when your house gets robbed/your car gets stolen/you get mugged?” remind them that they themselves just operated off the assumption that the police cannot prevent crime, only react to it after-the-fact. Remind them that the alternatives to black tanks in the streets will actually aim to reduce the causes of criminal activity.

So the Problem Is….

…not so much that Pumpkin was president. It’s that he showed the Rethuglicans how completely disconnected from truth they could be and still get reported in corporate media as if they should be taken seriously.

He didn’t need to be president to do that, but it did make the process more efficient.

This movie is better than I even remembered.

…which has nothing to do with any of the above, I am sure.


You’re familiar with IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You Are Republican. In which there are no depths to which our corporate state and our corporate media will not sink to forgive+forget any crime, as long as you’re doing your good little Republican part to keep the system (golden)showering wealth and power on the masters.

Somehow, Israel got in on this deal. So the title of today’s lesson adds, “oI” for “or Israel.” Any Israeli war crime can be excused because Israel is the burr under the saddle of the great warhorse that is the Middle East, and thus it’s a vital component to keep the arms money flowing. Most of the people who die are brown, anyway.

Click Thru for Yet Another Great Mystery

Mysteries of Life

The right-wing nutjobs are having no trouble getting to the bottom of certain mysteries.

As much as Tom Tomorrow is trying to make this look like parody, he’s only putting their same words into the mouth of his funny character wearing the deerstalker.


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