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That’s miles and miles in the rear-view. That ship has sailed. Not content to shred every line item in the Bill of Rights except of course the Holy 2nd, on the last possible day of their term they gutted the EPA. Just a final lagniappe for their corporate, fascist masters.

This is now an institution that will not sniff in the general direction of “legitimacy” until it is dismantled and re-imagined.

They sang WHAT?

Now I am normally a “vote blue, no matter who” kinda guy.


House Democrats sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps as the chants of protesters could be heard from Supreme Court after the Roe v Wade decision.

Yeah… so that happened. Tone deaf doesn’t even scratch the surface of this. This is what the Democrats in Congress do while a secular, diverse political order is nuked to make way for a Christo-fascist regime. Fuck these people. Never getting another vote or campaign dollar from me.

From Roe v. Wade to the latest rulings on Miranda rights, mandatory school prayer, and mandatory funding of religious schools from public money, this court is coming to tear down every single instance of individual rights INCLUDING the 1st Amendment.

Except, of course, the Holy Second. Just as Jesus taught it, in the Sermon on the Mount. I am sure. That will be the last “right” standing: then the fascist regime will come for them too.

I hope to be gone before it gets to that point.

Can this dumpster fire be put out?

Just a random collection of images from my stream this morning:

For whatever reason, refusing to wear a mask to protect others from disease
is now a key component of fascist political ideology
Unmasked fascist police escort masked fascist activists (styled “proud boys”) to disrupt children’s program at public library. Good thing it was daytime or they might also have made a bonfire of the books, because, why not? Click through for story.
Sitting Congressman commits sedition, blames intern, will totally get away with it. If you think he won’t, offer me a bet.
“We cannot possibly provide health care for our citizens;
it’s so hard!” says the richest country in the world.
You know it’s true: only 19 of the top 20
richest countries in the world have managed it.
Because every Rethuglican is suckling at the oil money teat, silly!

The USA, on its way to full-on genocidal fascism, is also taking time to get just plain meaner. At this point these questions are equally debatable in my mind: Can this country be saved? Should it be?

So Crazy It Might Just Work

Hijinks by Tourists.
Nothing to see here.

These hearings might actually be starting to draw blood. Here’s hoping they can tamp down Rethuglican gains in November, and get some people thrown in jail. If not Pumpkin (dare we hope!?), then at least maybe a few people he shares a name with.

They Always Need an “Other”

Click Thru for the whole pre-lubricated slope

In 1933, they had Jews. Among others.

Now they have LGBTQ+. Among others.

The press is chasing nothing but ad dollars. MyPillow must still have a blazing ad budget. Disgusting.

It might be time to go.

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