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There’s plenty of fraud. It’s just not where the people screaming about it say it is.


Warning: Anger does not have to make sense to win elections.

Click through for all the stupid sh* they are angry about. As if it matters.

White people’s lizard brains are going to kill us all, mark my words.

And once again: there is #NoParody

When Fascism Comes to America…

…it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

So said Sinclair Lewis in 1935, actually quoting African-Americans like Langston Hughes, whose nation have been living under the system since they were “freed” from slavery.

Well, it’s here for all of us now, and this is what it looks like.

Oil, We Just Can’t Quit You

The COP26 Climate Summit is wrapping up in Glasgow.

The largest delegation is from the fossil fuel industry.

If this doesn’t already piss you all the way off, here are some questions:

  • Why are we asking them what we can do? The governments of the world should be telling them.
  • How are we allowing BP’s next quarterly profit to overrule the survival of our species?
  • How are we falling for being guilted over using a plastic baggie for a sandwich while industry burns half a billion tons of coal (just coal!) every year

We’ve handed over the hen-house to the fox, and the flocks to the wolves. They will decide what to have for lunch. Government will not control them, it’s bought & paid for.

Don’t miss out on the links in today’s posting.

Vaccine Mandates

OSHA has announced the vaccine mandates, for every workplace with 100 or more employees.

Soon these Russian-troll-inspired protests are going to get violent.

What a shame that the delicious irony of “My body my choice!” is utterly lost on these anti-choice troglodytes.

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