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Rock Bottom

So I was an ass and wrote this two days ago

I never imagined how bad it would actually be.

For four years, every time the Pumpkin hit another new low, I would think, This must be it. It cannot go lower. The country has to bounce off this floor now. This time. At last. Every time, I have been wrong.

I now think, there is no bottom. In case of a bottom, some red-hatted MAGAt will grab a shovel and get to work.

This Election…

Terrorism is here. It is no longer international news to cluck our teeth about watching the news.

This week the FBI busted up a plot to kidnap the Democratic Governor of Michigan. This is not a movie.

Voter Fraud Fraud

Now just imagine the “poll-watchers” that this orange turd whips up. Showing up outside voting locations with AR-15s to stand in for their fragile masculinity. How will they behave toward people of color, women that they are not sure are mentally subjugated, or anyone who they think might not vote for Pumpkin. “Anyone wearing a mask” is not that bad a heuristic for this mentality.

And do you think for a minute that police will discourage them? Here is an example of servin’ and protectin’ for you:

At a BLM protest, the protestors get the pepper spray. At a Nazi protest, the BLM counter-protesters get the pepper spray.

This is not a drill

The RNC is Over

The old joke about the Rethuglican conventions sounding much better in the original German isn’t a “never not funny.”

Click Thru for More RNC Highlights

Now that they fully embrace racism and fascism, this crack lacks the element of exaggeration necessary to be funny.

If the vote is rigged

It will be rigged for Pumpkin.

His constant whine/tweeting about mail-votes being fraudulent are because he knows he’s losing. When the rigged-for-racism electoral college is not enough, he will stage a coup d’etat based on ridiculous claims of vote fraud.

The wilful destruction of the Post Office has a very immediate purpose – make sure you can’t vote.

Click thru for the final stage


While their heart is in the right place, Pumpkin just can’t expect the local police to coordinate on a national scale for the advancement of fascist dictatorship. They aren’t really built for it.

Naturally, the kind of police violence that makes racists feel safer for a minute is a top priority, certainly over doing anything at all about a pandemic or the economic well-being of people with net worth under eight digits. But to provide the kind of distraction they need with an election three months away, it has to be coordinated on a national scale.

Lucky for him, the PATRIOT Act’s funding of military equipment being lavished on “law enforcement” was not restricted to local and state departments. So, a Gestapo is born. After a smash hit run in Portland, watch for the grand opening this week in Chicago.

And coming soon to YOUR city.

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