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Ding Dong

I touched on this last entry; I feel we need to celebrate some victories over evil.

Georgia (Georgia!) flipped the Senate blue. Pumpkin showed his true fascist colors. Joe Biden was indeed inaugurated. A bunch of trolls on reddit exposed what a steaming pile the whole stock market is. And… Rush Limbaugh died.

If you don’t think it’s seemly to celebrate a death, no matter whose, you don’t get the gestalt of Rush. Rush has been cheerleading for every apex of evil that has crept into the American psyche in the past thirty-some years. Making “liberal” a dirty word? Check. Making intellect something detestable? Check. Coining “feminazi”? Check. And on, and on. The removal of this wellspring of toxicity from our national discourse might be the single best thing that has happened this year yet.

Besides: who else could get #RestInPiss trending on Twitter?

Inspired by Wonkette

Secret Jewish Space Laser

THIS is the Rethuglican Party

The photo links to a story entitled “GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser“.

The Rethuglicans will not censure her. They certainly will not expel her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is what the Rethuglican Party has become under four years of Pumpkin.

Being who they are, this is what they will do. There will be no compromise, there will be no unity in the rest of the nation, not until every one of them is removed.

And if you tell me that sounds extreme, well, I just ask you: “Secret Jewish Space Laser”? Because it’s no secret where this leads.

This IS Who We Are

Rob Rogers

They say the first step in solving the problem is recognizing that you have a problem. It sounds way easier than it is. It has taken the vast majority of this country five years. But maybe we’re there now.

I found this article encouraging. It’s about the real “deep state” (as opposed to the Pumpkin fantasy).

You attacked America. Maybe you think it was justified — as a response to a stolen election, or a cabal of child-trafficking pedophiles, or whatever — but it was still a violent attack on the United States. No matter how you describe it, that’s how the real Deep State is going to treat it.

The impact of that will make everything else feel like a LARP.

Nicholas Grossman

Rock Bottom

So I was an ass and wrote this two days ago

I never imagined how bad it would actually be.

For four years, every time the Pumpkin hit another new low, I would think, This must be it. It cannot go lower. The country has to bounce off this floor now. This time. At last. Every time, I have been wrong.

I now think, there is no bottom. In case of a bottom, some red-hatted MAGAt will grab a shovel and get to work.

This Election…

Terrorism is here. It is no longer international news to cluck our teeth about watching the news.

This week the FBI busted up a plot to kidnap the Democratic Governor of Michigan. This is not a movie.

Voter Fraud Fraud

Now just imagine the “poll-watchers” that this orange turd whips up. Showing up outside voting locations with AR-15s to stand in for their fragile masculinity. How will they behave toward people of color, women that they are not sure are mentally subjugated, or anyone who they think might not vote for Pumpkin. “Anyone wearing a mask” is not that bad a heuristic for this mentality.

And do you think for a minute that police will discourage them? Here is an example of servin’ and protectin’ for you:

At a BLM protest, the protestors get the pepper spray. At a Nazi protest, the BLM counter-protesters get the pepper spray.

This is not a drill

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