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Can this dumpster fire be put out?

Just a random collection of images from my stream this morning:

For whatever reason, refusing to wear a mask to protect others from disease
is now a key component of fascist political ideology
Unmasked fascist police escort masked fascist activists (styled “proud boys”) to disrupt children’s program at public library. Good thing it was daytime or they might also have made a bonfire of the books, because, why not? Click through for story.
Sitting Congressman commits sedition, blames intern, will totally get away with it. If you think he won’t, offer me a bet.
“We cannot possibly provide health care for our citizens;
it’s so hard!” says the richest country in the world.
You know it’s true: only 19 of the top 20
richest countries in the world have managed it.
Because every Rethuglican is suckling at the oil money teat, silly!

The USA, on its way to full-on genocidal fascism, is also taking time to get just plain meaner. At this point these questions are equally debatable in my mind: Can this country be saved? Should it be?

They Always Need an “Other”

Click Thru for the whole pre-lubricated slope

In 1933, they had Jews. Among others.

Now they have LGBTQ+. Among others.

The press is chasing nothing but ad dollars. MyPillow must still have a blazing ad budget. Disgusting.

It might be time to go.

Florida – why do we pretend?

Why do we pretend this is part of our country? Why do we pretend it’s part of Western Civilization? Why do we pretend that the Enlightenment ever happened, for this benighted place?

Florida state officials who are in charge of disciplinary actions for teachers’ misconduct are witch-hunting their way to find out who bought a copy of Gender Queer for Orange County high school libraries. Presumably, an example will be made.

Story here: here (paywalled: also archived here)

Yes, we have all read the tales of Nazi Germany as the Third Reich consolidated its power. People’s jobs were threatened and they were also subject to violence from random thugs who were mysteriously never seriously pursued, let alone caught, by the police. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Asking for a friend.

Ukraine & Me

green field under white and blue clouds during daytime
Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak on Pexels.com

Around 1917, a woman named Anna (Nechama Hudel) Tzipros lived in a shtetl near Odessa, Ukraine. She was married, with a young son, and another baby on the way. She and her husband felt they had to leave – things in that part of the world were getting worse and worse for Jews. The family headed for a European port to embark for America. Fleeing a pogrom, they were shot at. Her son got a slight wound in his butt; a scar he bore the rest of his life. Her husband… did not make it out alive. But she did with her two children, and found her way to Canada. She eventually met another nice man there, and remarried, and had three more kids. Including my mother. They moved to Baltimore, where she lived out her life. And where I was born, and I called her Bubbie.

Also around 1917, a different shtetl near Kyiv was entrusting a gigantic responsibility to a teenage girl named Sarah Markman. They had pooled their resources and their overseas contacts and were sending almost a dozen children in Sarah’s charge, to be taken and delivered into the care of friends and relatives all over the US. At least nobody was shooting at them – but young Ms. Markman knew these families were separated forever. All that was left to them was to know their kids were safe. She delivered every child where they were supposed to go, then she herself settled in Chicago where she met a man, got married*, and had two boys. Including my father. They moved to Baltimore, where she lived out her life. And where I was born, and where I also called her Bubbie.

I know that the situation in 2022 in Ukraine is not at all like that in 1917. And I genuinely am rooting for, and supporting as best I can, Ukraine against Russian fascism. But try as I might, “Ukraine” still pings in my mind as the country that spit out my Bubbies. On the other hand, Ukraine in this century has a Jewish president, which would clearly have been laughably impossible in those days. Maybe it means countries really can change, it just happens on a scale of centuries and not months. So maybe the US won’t be racist in another 100 years or so.

Anything’s possible.


You’ve seen this movie, haven’t you? I mean, you have to have to have seen this movie.

I am 100% serious, this is a very important movie. As we’re having Nazi-quality book-burnings in 2022 America right f*cking now, this is a very important movie.

Go watch this movie now if you haven’t. Pay close attention to what “Pleasant” ends up being a euphemism for.

Now I just want to believe in the happy ending.

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