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Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill has gone into effect, and the idiots who passed it should have been careful what they wished for because they are really gonna get it:

Is this real?
Don’t know. Don’t care

The point is not whether this is a just-so story or an actual email from a teacher. The point is, that the bigots who wrote the law thought it might not pass if they made explicit the hetero-normative bias they hold. If they had literally said, Cis-gender and heterosexual and binary is the ONLY thing that’s acceptable, by the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jayzuss.

So they left that part tacit and… guess what? Tacit does not work so well in black-letter law.

Ideas for how to be compliant with the law could easily lead to something like the Dear Florida Parent note above. In fact, it might have to.

Now, they will deny with every breath that the motivation for the law is religious. And at the highest level it’s probably true: more like the cynical idea to whip their base into a frenzy, scapegoating people who are least able to defend themselves. But the Florida voters who keep these creeps in power? They are much more interested in feeding their fear, hatred and bigotry than applying the genuine idea of the Bill of Rights. They don’t care that religion makes garbage law, because they somehow remain confident it’s never coming for them.

Ukraine – Hot Take

Why invade now?

Twin Threats to US National Security and World Peace

Putin invaded Ukraine now because he would not have had to had Pumpkin won the election. He would have been handed it on a plate.

Chosen One

Click Through for the Sacrifice

The new American definition of “sacrifice” appears to be, harming others to get what you want.

That tracks.


You’ve seen this movie, haven’t you? I mean, you have to have to have seen this movie.

I am 100% serious, this is a very important movie. As we’re having Nazi-quality book-burnings in 2022 America right f*cking now, this is a very important movie.

Go watch this movie now if you haven’t. Pay close attention to what “Pleasant” ends up being a euphemism for.

Now I just want to believe in the happy ending.


Keep trying to be the nice ones, Dems. Your slope is waiting, well-oiled.

Click through for the whole inevitable progression. OBTW that mid-term was 2010. The Rethuglicans took over the House, and six Governors’ seats. Being nice to them was… pointless and counterproductive.

There’s no way back from this, you know.* Keep gentling us along right into a fascist state.

* – Actually there is, but only if the military takes the correct side. So, flip a coin?

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